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State Fair Time!

BSNM volunteers are needed to sign up for shifts at the State Fair to handle intake for beadwork and jewelry.  Please go to the Meetings/Classes/Events page above to register by clicking on State Fair.  You will see a lists of available dates and shifts along with a brief description of duties.  If you'd like to sign up for multiple shifts, you need to complete the registration for each shift, then click on 'Back to Event' page to register for the next shift. You will receive an email confirmation for each registration.

And don't forget to enter your work in the State Fair too!  This year the classes have been expanded from 16 to 21 to recognize separate classes for chain maille, mixed media-jewelry and nonjewelry, earrings, clothing, and beaded flowers.  Click here for the State Fair Creative Arts premium list and scroll down to open the PDF for Jewelry and Beadwork.

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Support for Dannelle of Beaded Iris

Click here to donate to help Dannelle Gundlach, owner of the Beaded Iris and long time friend of the Bead Society who has recently lost her sister to cancer.

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